My Family which I cherish!

          Thanksgiving 2006
Leandra - daughter in law & Evan (in mommy's tummy)
Collin - grandson
Nick - son
Corey - son
Diane - wife
Randy - Realtor and lender extraordinaire

Christmas 2007....and now there is Evan at the table this year

Little more recent pics


Halloween 07 ----Collin looks grumpy

We have two "weiner" dogs named Oscar and Kiwi....and Evan all dressed up

.....Oscar wants some

We know how to control the grand kids


Our grandson's are getting big - 9-07!

Evan's "serious" look!

Collin.....playing with the light tower!

My wife, Diane, and I were blessed with our first
grandson, Collin in October 2005 and now we have
another, Evan born 12-07!

    Evan Nicholas Stillman
born: 12-7-06 - 7 lbs. 6 oz.

    Collin Randall Stillman
born: 10-19-05 - 7 lbs. 3 oz.

Collin 1 Year Old...handsome just like his grand dad

Look who's 1 year old...looks grumpy...needs cake

Yummyyy...birthday cake!


Randy's father, Wayne, in front of the most incredible
Memorial sites for the military you will ever see, if you
are ever in Rochester, MN this is a must see!
I am proud to say he was very instrumental in the
planning, design, and fund raising for this tribute
to our brave men and women who have served.

see more at:

Wayne w/ MN's Governor Pawlenty Soldiers Field Memorial

Wayne w/Laura Bush in 2007

Wayne w/Colin Powell & Harry Kerr at the Memorial

Wayne showing John McCain the Memorial

Wayne with MN's retired Governor
"the body" may recall he
was a "Professional Wrestler" years ago?

Wayne in Washington in summer of 2007
receiving National Award from DAR,
Daughters of the Revolution. Only 1
person per year receives this award!

Bonnie (nominated Wayne), President General
of Daughters of American Revolution, Wayne &
Carol Stillman
                         Great Job Dad!

Carol Stillman received "Golden Deeds Award 2005
(Randy's mom)

                        Your awesome Mom!

My son, Corey with his "new" (used) 1998 Audi he saved for.

MN trip 2006 - Randy, Corey, Wayne, Diane, and Carol

Randy, Diane, Corey, and Nick are
(also pictured are Oscar & Lynsie) originally from
the cold state of  Minnesota. Tucked
away in the S.E. corner of MN is 
a town called Rochester, (population 115K).
Rochester is nationally known in the medical 
field because Mayo Clinic's main hospital is 
located there. People from all over the world 
travel to Rochester to visit Mayo. IBM has a 
large manufacturing facility in Rochester which 
manufactures the well known AS-400 main frame 
computer system.

Randy worked for his father’s firm, Stillman Office Machines
for 15 years before moving to Colorado and getting into the
mortgage and Real Estate business. "Working very close with 
my father allowed me to become a knowledgeable and 
resourceful business man." Our family has been, and 
continues to be active, especially here in Colorado
where there is so much to do. We enjoy the mountains 
as much as possible, and venture up to the high country 
when our schedule permits.

My volunteer work has taken me many places, from the Metrodome
in Minneapolis, where we rented the dome and played baseball there.
One exciting trip was I remember all to well was a trip to the deep
woods camping with the a cub scouts troop. We were able to search for
"gold" in the stream, and had a wonderful time. I also enjoyed working
various programs as a Rotary Club member. Our Rotary Club every
year has a very successful basketball tournament which was our big
fund raiser. It attracts High School teams from all over MN and
has gotten to be a very large and well known tournament. Another
volunteer "hat" I wore was board member and trustee of 
the United Methodist church of Rochester, MN.

I started in the mortgage business in 1996, in Denver and worked
with my brother, Ron. I soon learned the different loan programs, 
and with the help of my brother, have become a mortgage loan expert.
My ability to offer a wide variety of mortgages to my clients allows 
service and convenience most agents don' t offer. Not to mention
the rates and programs I have access too, saves my clients thousands
of dollars in costs.

My wife, Diane works for a local hospital in the surgery area. Diane
had worked for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for 15 years in the
Central Processing area before moving to Colorado. "I sure love
the people in Colorado, and I don’t miss the sub zero weather ". Diane
enjoys attending craft shows, she collects dolls and her favorite TV
programs are the Decoration channel, Switching Places, and Extreme
Makeover Home Edition. She met Ty, from that show when they were
in Denver in 2004. (that meeting consisted of a brief "hi" from the
street, but it made her day)

Nick and Leandra was blessed with the birth of Collin, now that Randy
is a grandpa you need to speak a little louder and keep reminding him..ha.ha.

Corey has now graduated from Aims Community College in 2005 and has
now started his first full time job, and he enjoys it.....except when the forklift
breaks down and the metal has to be moved manually.

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